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Night view of the Charles Bridge


Czech Republic

The Czech Republic has become one of the most visited countries in Europe. Though small in size, the country is proud of a natural scenery, fine architecture and rich cultural life. It attracts attention due to its 1,000-year-long history, rich culture and diverse countryside while still belonging among those well-developed and democratic countries on the Old Continent.

One can comfortably travel to any destination in the Czech Republic by car, bus, train or express train, by bicycle, air or on foot. No matter if you are interested in natural beauties, or prefer devoting time and energy to sport, you will always find something to satisfy your need for something unusual.

The Czech Republic is a treasury of European arts of both the classical past and the dynamic present. It maintains its exquisite culture, which is commemorated by many traditions and public holidays.

Culture in Prague

Praga mater urbium. Prague, the City of a Hundred Spires. Prague, the Heart of Europe.

Prague has many nicknames. It is an ancient city in which nearly all architectural styles may be found: one can admire Romanic buildings (e.g. St George's Basilica), Gothic edifices (Old Town Tower), Renaissance villas (Belveder) or buildings in Nerudova Street decorated with baroque symbols. Many cultural monuments such as the National Theatre and the National Museum have been built during the period of the National Revival - one of the most famous historical periods in Prague. Some of the contemporary art representatives are the Dancing House or John Lennon’s Wall.

Prague is not only magnificent constructions. It also abounds with plenty of greenery; mainly in the form of beautiful parks and gardens. The most famous are the Waldstein Garden at Mala Strana, Royal Garden at the Prague castle, Ledeburska Garden or Vrbtovska Garden where vineyards used to be. As an alternative to gardens, numerous parks may be visited, such as Petrin, Letna (established in 1858) or Stromovka.

To music lovers, Prague also offers a great deal of remarkable events. One may enjoy a classical music performance of the Czech Philharmonic in Rudolfinum, visit the Smetana Hall in the Municipal House or the Prague State Opera. Other venues for concerts are the Culture Palace, the Mirror Chapel in Klementinum, Bertramka (also known as a place of Mozart's residence), or several churches and palaces. Concerts regularly take place in St James’ Church, St Nicholas’ Temple, St Vitus’ Cathedral or in St George's Basilica; in the Waldstein or Lobkowitz Palaces. A famous classical music festival called the Prague Spring starts annually on 12th May, the jubilee of Smetana's death. On this day, guards watch over his memorial on Vysehrad and the evening is concluded with one of the master’s most famous symphonic poems Ma vlast. The festival regularly terminates on 1st June with the Ninth symphony of Ludwig van Beethoven. The majority of the events connected with the festival take place in Rudolfinum.
A visit to one of Prague's theatres is without a doubt an unforgettable cultural experience. The National Theatre is the most famous and - for the whole nation - also the most important venue. Other theatres worth attention include the Stavovske Theatre, which is the most recognized, the Vinohrady Theatre, the Comedy Theatre, the Drama Club and the Kolowrat Theatre.

Even less ordinary ways of sightseeing are available: a river cruise on the Vltava River is surely a great choice, whereas the more courageous visitors may prefer ballooning, during which they can easily make sure whether Prague really is entitled to be called the City of a Hundred Spires.

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